It’s Hammer Time!: Quatermass II (1957)

Well, Hammer have taken me a little bit by surprise this week by uploading some more movies, so in a change of plans, here’s the wonderful Quatermass II for you to enjoy. The sequel to The Quatermass Experiment, it needs no introduction, but in case I’m wrong on that, not only can you read that previous entry where I do introduce it, Hammer historian Marcus Hearn will tell you more about it first when you click on ‘Play’.

Personally, I think it’s the better of the three Hammer Quatermass movies: Quatermass comes across as less of a dick, it’s got Sid James and William Franklyn in the cast, and it’s faster paced.

You don’t need to have seen the first to know whats’ going on so enjoy!


  • Natalia Romanova

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