What to do when your pilot doesn’t get picked up? Get even with your own web series

Not all pilots get picked up. That, after all, is the point of pilots – to see which shows work in practice and which don’t. There’d be no point picking up all of them.

But behind every unaired pilot there’s a dozen stories. People meet, people make friends – or enemies – they come up with ideas for new and better shows.

Take Downwardly Mobile, a pilot for NBC starring Roseanne Barr. That didn’t get picked up, although given the NBC comedies that did get picked up, you have to wonder either how good it was or how bad it was.

Some of the actors from that pilot – Jason Antoon, Mary Birdsong, Greg Cromer, Tricia O’Kelley and Romy Rosemont – became friends. And even though Downwardly Mobile never became a series, they’ve decided to stick together and even make their own series – Bitter, Party of 5.

Here they are, ringing up NBC to find out whether Downwardly Mobile got picked up. You can guess the rest, but how will the next episode go?