The first few minutes of Engrenages/Spiral – season 4

Engrenages - season 4

The new season of Canal+/BBC4’s Engrenages/Spiral begins on 3 September in France – no word yet from BBC4 on when it will air it, I’m afraid, but with 11 episodes of Inspector Montalbano left on Saturdays, I don’t imagine it’ll be for a a while yet. So to tide you over and get you all unfairly excited, here’s the first couple of minutes of the new season. In French obviously. Sorry, non-French speakers.

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Don’t forget you can also play Inside Engrenages over on the Canal+ web site. And there are lovely pictures of Audrey Fleurot and Grégory Fitoussi there, as well as of other cast members and plot-relevant moments from the new season, too.

Audrey Fleurot and Grégory Fitoussi in season 4 of Engrenages