What time, TMINE? Including Shrill, The Gift and Klem (The Blood Pact)

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This being Thanksgiving week in America, when even sociopathic TV execs are back at home with their families and not doing any deals, it’s unsurprisingly been a bit quiet on the acquisitions front.

But we still have three new shows heading our way, complete with premiere dates. Full details on Shrill, The Gift and Klem (The Blood Pact) after the jump.

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What have you been watching? Including Mad About You

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

Plan Coeur
Netflix’s Plan cœur

This week’s reviews

Yep, Thursday again. Thought I’d have a proper day off yesterday. Schedule therefore screwed, even if I am now somewhat refreshed.

This week, even though I didn’t manage to Orange Thursday after all, I did at least get around to reviewing season two of Netflix’s Plan cœur (The Hookup Plan) for Boxset Monday. Otherwise, that was it – work was a bit mad, plus it turned out that Amazon’s release of The Feed was US only. Duh.

But fingers crossed, it’ll be easier next week.

Apple TV+’s Servant

What’s coming this week

Barring miracles, there won’t be an Orange Thursday today, but there will be next week, you’ll be happy to hear. I really will be covering The Fear of God, as well as The Philadelphia Experiment (no, not that one). Or maybe something else. But that’s the baseline.

It being Thanksgiving in the US today, and with Christmas just round the corner, it’s going to be a bit quiet TV-wise for the next few days, though, but Apple has just released the first three episodes of Servant, so that’ll be this week’s Boxset Monday. Fingers crossed.

Mr InBetween
Mr InBetween

The regulars

After the jump, we’ll be talking about the latest episodes of the regulars: Dollface, Evil, The Mandalorian, Mr Robot, Silicon Valley, Stumptown, Titans, Treadstone and Watchmen, as well as the season finale of Mr InBetween and two episodes of For All Mankind, seeing as Apple put a new one out today, a day early.

However, one of those is now just so bad, I can’t be bothered to watch it any more. Can you guess which?

On top of that, we’ll also be discussing the first episode of Spectrum’s revival of Mad About You. The new Will & Grace it is not.

See you in a mo.

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Strange Angel

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