The Wednesday Play: The Secret of Croftmore (1988)

David Tennant in The Secret of Croftmore

Grown-ups weren’t the only people allowed to watch plays on British TV – or even to have plays especially written for them. ITV’s Dramarama, which ran for seven series during the 80s. As well as provided seasoned writers and actors a chance to work with a new audience, it also provided an opportunity for new, young writers and young performers from around the UK to work in plays. It saw two spin-off series launched – Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest and Children’s Ward – as well as one play, Mr Stabs, which was a sequel to the early 70s children’s fantasy series Ace of Wands (about which, I will one day write, don’t you be a worrying).

Since this is the last Wednesday Play before my summer holidays, it seems appropriate to schedule The Secret of Croftmore, which gave a certain young ‘David Tennant’ in one of his first roles before drama school. I won’t spoil it for you beyond saying that appropriately enough, there’s a supernatural element to it. Anyway, it’s only 25 minutes long so enjoy!

If you want to watch more of these lovely plays, including Mr Stabs and Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest, they’re available on DVD from Amazon.