Lots of news about Engrenages/Spiral season 4 as well as some teaser trailers

The cast of Spiral at the press conference last month

Lots of news on the Engrenages/Spiral front. First up, it’s going to start airing on Canal+ in September – and yay for us – only a few weeks after on BBC4 in the UK.

Secondly, there’s going to be a web spin-off, Inside Engrenages, that will air seven days before the fourth season that will be from the viewpoint of a reporter embedded with the police.

Thirdly, for lovers of French television, there’s the news that Nicolas Briançon from Maison close is going to be in the new series. I have no idea who he is, mind, but here’s a picture of him:

Nicolas Briançon

Jérôme Huguet is also in it – he looks like this:

Jérôme Huguet

Also confirmed are Judith Chemla, Bruno Debrandt (Commissaire Brémont) and, as Chloe correctly pointed out, (spoiler alert) Samir Boitard aka Samy from season 2 is back.

Lastly, after the jump, you can watch a set of three teaser trailers for the fourth season. They’re in French, obviously. I’m not sure whether they’re supposed to tie into the embedded reporter thing or not, but they all seem to have the regular cast being a bit annoyed that we viewers are watching them.

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  • Lisa Rullsenberg

    lurve Spiral…. cannot wait!

  • The other David

    Yes! Engrenages rules!

  • Mark Carroll

    I'm still on repeats, so season two so far …

  • torqueback

    Can't wait. Any of them can tell me to shove off and I'll still come back for more….