• The other David

    I'd like to say, “You go girl!” But speaking as a male of the species, I am mightily ashamed of the misogynistic attitude of a lot of males in the tech/gaming world. Just because you've got a Y chromosome and a dangley bit between your legs, doesn't make you master of all you survey. But as the lady says, if male gamers can't/won't grow up, they can just GFYS (but if I were to be accurate, it'd be GFTS.)

  • Benjamin Blue

    You tell them assholes! 😀 Power to you girl!!!!

  • Darnell C

    Hey she is a Black Woman…amazing. As rare as a needle that can wink its eye.

  • Kinigget

    I only wish I was *half* the gamer she is. Of course, there was that time I lost 20 straight hours to Bloodlines. But she's been doing that kind of thing since forever. I am simply not worthy.

  • Linda

    wow, what a flawless queen

  • CKM

    Yeah, she pretty much rocks. Screw the haters.