Aisha Tyler hits back at gamers who abused her

Aisha Tyler (Friends, 24, Archer) has recently been abused for her recent appearance at the E3 gaming show. Now, she hits back in a very interesting way.

Aisha Tyler fights back against gamers

[via @craiggrannell]

  • The other David

    I'd like to say, “You go girl!” But speaking as a male of the species, I am mightily ashamed of the misogynistic attitude of a lot of males in the tech/gaming world. Just because you've got a Y chromosome and a dangley bit between your legs, doesn't make you master of all you survey. But as the lady says, if male gamers can't/won't grow up, they can just GFYS (but if I were to be accurate, it'd be GFTS.)

  • Benjamin Blue

    You tell them assholes! 😀 Power to you girl!!!!

  • Darnell C

    Hey she is a Black Woman…amazing. As rare as a needle that can wink its eye.

  • Kinigget

    I only wish I was *half* the gamer she is. Of course, there was that time I lost 20 straight hours to Bloodlines. But she's been doing that kind of thing since forever. I am simply not worthy.

  • Linda

    wow, what a flawless queen

  • CKM

    Yeah, she pretty much rocks. Screw the haters.