Damon Lindelof’s very long, detailed defence of Lost and its finale

Lost has, amazingly enough, been off the air for two years now, but the controversy about its ending continues. Former co-showrunner Damon Lindelof is in the middle of promoting the movie Prometheus, which he also wrote, but took an amazing 25 minutes to argue and discuss the merits of the Lost season finale with a guy from On The Verge.

I’m not sure the guy in question nails the problems with the finale – and the fact he thought the entire series was imaginary is an obvious issue with his questioning. To me, the problem was that the explanations we got were just either inconsequential and lacked depth (okay there’s a man in black and Jacob and their mum and a glowing light under the island. Is that genuinely what this is all about?) or they just didn’t answer the questions that needed answering (how did Jacob pick everyone? How did the numbers work? What actually is the nature of the island?).

But what do you think?