The making of SyFy’s Defiance

SyFy has a new show coming called Defiance set 35 years in the future after aliens have arrived on Earth. Weirdly, as well as being a TV show, it’s also an online multi-player game that will interact with the show’s storyline. Here’s a great big movie about the making of both. Yes, sadly, it has Jaime Murray in it:


  • benjitek

    Yuck… �being attached to SyFy alone means it's doomed for failure — based on the the video clip, it's achieved that already…

    Television needs a good SciFi show, this isn't it 🙁

  • The presence of Jaime Murray in a show is usually a guarantee of it sucking, whether she's good in it or not. She's the Jennifer Aniston of TV shows.

  • bob

    … I've seen her in three shows and they were all great.�

  • I've seen her in Hustle (she was poor), Valentine (she was poor and it was cancelled inside about four episodes), Dexter (ruined season two), Spartacus (she was incredibly arch) and Ringer (okay, but still very arch)

  • bob

    She *made* season 2 of Dexter. Love that season and her in it. I don't think the prevailing opinion is that Dexter season 2 sucked or that Spartacus Arena of the Gods sucked or that Hustle sucked more in the earlier years than the later ones (when Jaime Murray wasn't in it). Okay, everyone thinks that Ringer sucked and since I haven't heard of Valentine I will give you 2/5…