Friday’s “Jeremy Piven for Mr Selfridge?, Julie Benz joins Defiance, Lennie James in Gotham and Kevin Bishop’s Super Fun Night” news



  • Channel 4 to launch highlights channel 4seven
  • Sky to cut BBC transmission charges
  • HBO, Starz, Showtime and ABC petition for UK tax breaks [subscription required]
  • Watch acquires Primeval spin-off [subscription required]
  • Entourage‘s Jeremy Piven to star in ITV’s Mr Selfridge?


US TV pilots

  • First, it’s Piven, not Priven. Second, I apologize for our Jeremy Piven, he’s an ass.
    Whoever (whomever?) is thinking this is a good idea needs to spend a few hours alone in a room with Jeremy Piven.
    Regarding LA Noir, certainly don’t count on it being sexy in the least. Neal won’t have that.

  • Oops. I got it right in the main copy though – it’s my early-morning typing, rather than a belief that’s his name that’s the problem….