Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome – the trailer

It’s not going to be made now, but the US SyFy channel went as far as shooting a two-hour pilot for a prequel series to Battlestar Galactica, called Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. Set during the first war with the Cylons – so after the tedium of Caprica but before the majesty of the first series – this had the potential to be the best of both worlds: no stupid mysticism, lots of space fights, plenty of interesting characters, including Adama and Tigh, and homeworlds to go back to. But SyFy in their wisdom haven’t picked it up. More Alphas and Warehouse 13 for everyone, I guess.

But they made a trailer all the same and you can watch it below. Now, there’s the possibility the pilot could be picked up as a digital series – would you watch it?

  • Mark Carroll

    I wasn't actually planning on watching it anyway. I guess I had less hope for it than you might have. The reimagined series certainly had its good aspects, but I found some of the drama / scriptwriting / episode format irritatingly tedious; I suppose I automatically assume spin-offs will be no better.

    Regarding the reimagined series, I am curious about what happened to the remaining Cylons afterward.

  • bob

    That video has been removed now but links to videos that are still up are easy to find with a search.

    It looks amazing. But then again, it's really just a music video and doesn't tell you anything about the things that matter- characters and quality of the story.

    We really need a space opera back on our screens. I would prefer something entirely new, a unique universe to explore, but the BSG universe is ageless and always fascinating. The BSG universe exists to look at our attitudes to war in all its forms and though it hasn't been long since Ron Moore's BSG, I feel that it is already a good time to inspect how our attitudes have changed. And a setting that is between Caprica and Moore's BSG feels right given how important new technology is in war today.

    Ron Moore's BSG was the best thing to happen to scifi for a very long time. This prequel could not hope to match it but it could at least fill the gaping hole BSG left with intelligence as well as the space battles that get the adrenaline running.