Question of the week: which TV shows would be more interesting re-gendered?

Suits on USA

So I’ve recently been watching Suits with my lovely wife – it’s coming to Dave in the UK on the 17th and I heartily recommend you watch it. But as I was watching it, a thought came to mind: it’s essentially about two blokes. Then another thought came to mind: is there any good reason why it couldn’t have been about two women? In fact, wouldn’t it have been even more interesting with two women in the main roles? Okay, Gabriel Macht’s fantastic but all the same, there are plenty of strong actresses who could have been Harvina Specter.

Guys – everywhere. Women? Not so much – at least not in these kinds of roles (don’t mention Ally McBeal anyone).

So this week’s question is a simple:

What TV show with primarily male leads would be more interesting with female leads? Or vice versa?

There are some shows that really need male or female leads – 2 Broke Girls, Man Up! and New Girl are all about situations specific to a particular gender. Even Suburgatory would have changed subtly if it were less about mean girls than mean boys.

But would Terra Nova have sucked less with a female lead? Would A Gifted Woman have been more interesting than A Gifted Man or just the same? Would Grimmin have been better – or just Buffy again? Would Boss have worked better with a female mayor?

What do you think? Answers below or on your own blog, please!

  • Right now I can’t think of any examples – a bit lethargic after a heavy overnight lunch break – but it did put me in mind of an old Norman Lear sitcom that followed ‘Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman’ in the comic soap opera mold – “All That Glitters”. It presented a world in which the gener roles were reversed – powerful female bosses with hot male secretaries, a frumpy house-husband (Chuck McCann).
    The first idea I just had was of ‘The West Wing’ – with the Sorkin dialogue, it would have worked better than ‘Comander in Chief’ with Geena Davis…..

  • Toby O’B

    Okay, I’ve got a current one – how about ‘Homeland’? What if it was a Jessica Lynch type come home to a hero’s welcome, but there was one male FBI agent, known to have mental health issues, who is convinced she’s been turned and sets out to prove it. I think the audience, conditioned as they are, would be against the show, seeing him as threatening her…..

  • SK

    Obvious one: Sherlock.