What if there’d been a third Doctor Who movie in the 60s?

As you may know, there were a couple of Doctor Who movies made in the 1960s, starring Peter Cushing as Doctor Who and featuring the likes of Roy Castle and Bernard Cribbins as his gormless assistants – there were girls, too, don’t worry.

In case you didn’t know that, here’s a couple of trailers.

The films were based on two of the TV show’s Dalek stories: The Daleks and The Dalek Invasion of Earth. What you might not know is that a third film was planned, based on another story, The Chase, in which the Daleks build their own time machine and chase the Doctor and co through time and space.

Now some clever clogs has come up with a trailer for this never-made film: Dr Who: Daleks vs Mechons, made in the style of those 60s movies. Enjoy!

[via @thejimsmith]