Thursday’s Buffy reunion news


British TV

Canadian TV

  • CTV renews Flashpoint and The Listener
  • Smallville‘s Erica Durance to star in Saving Hope


  • Amazed anyone would pay for The Event. The show started quite well and had a good sense of mystery, but we only carried on watching to see how it would end. We missed at least one episode towards the end and didn’t care, and the writing got worse and worse, until it hit a drab conclusion that didn’t in the slightest make me think “man, I really hope this gets picked up elsewhere”. It’s like the anti-Firefly.

  • Jonathan

    I hate to be ‘that guy’ Rob, but Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg never worked together on Buffy. He left season 4 and she joined season 5.
    Also, is there REALLY enough people who want to see The Event continue?