Random Acts: Kelly Rutherford wears Tupperware, Alex Breckenridge gets milk poisoning and Tweets poetry about penises

So Kelly Rutherford, whom you might know from Gossip Girl

but, because I’m that old, whom I remember from the 1993 show The Adventures of Brisco County Jr where she played Brisco’s star-crossed lover Dixie:

is not normally known for being all that random. But this week, she decided to wear a Tupperware scarf to help boys and girls:

Kelly Rutherford in a Tupperware scarf

Apparently, Tupperware have introduced a new line of “Confidence” merchandise, designed by Aimee David, founder of The Queen of E.vil clothing line, that’s available for purchase on Facebook. The net profits go to the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Yes, clothing by Tupperware.

Welcome to randomness, Kelly – and Tupperware.

Meanwhile, reliable randomeer Alex Breckenridge, currently being flirty, witchy, vampire bait in the new trailer for True Blood season four*:

has been giving herself milk poisoning at Disneyworld:

Alex Breckenridge at Disneyland

Alex Breckenridge tweets about milk poisoning

Alex Breckenridge Tweets about food poisoning

And writing Tweet poetry about the heart and the penis:

Screen shot 2011-06-02 at 11.49.32 am.png

And, as previously noted, regular randomeer Bradley Cooper decided to speak French fluently for no good reason, as well as adapt an almost impossible to adapt sci-fi novel:

What a random week for everyone.

* Incidentally, the hashtag #tbwithdrawal – doesn’t that make it sound like you’ve stopped taking your Tuberculosis meds? How random.