Random Acts: Audrey Fleurot scares Woody Allen

Karlsson in Engrenages

It’s the turn of Audrey Fleurot to be a bit random this week by scaring Woody Allen so much he edited her out of his latest film, Midnight in Paris.  

“Tous mes potes pensent que je suis mythomane”, explique-t-elle à Télérama. “Sur le plateau, c’était étrange. Je suis allée dire bonjour à Woody Allen, il a fait un bond de deux mètres en arrière comme si je l’avais violé.”

“All my friends think I’m a pathological liar. On set, it was strange. I went to say hello to Woody Allen and he jumped back two metres as though I’d violated him.”

  • In a parallel universe I would want to look like Audrey Fleurot. In this one, I have to settle for dyed red hair and no where near enough of her innate glamour.
    If ever you needed proof though that WA has lost the plot its that he cut AF from his film. Is the man not LOOKING?!