• Oh wow. I didn’t know they were making a film of Paradise Lost. I am probably one of about three people in the world apart from Philip Pullman who has read all of it AND Paradise Regained. I’m telling you now people, there is no mileage in a sequel(-: The best bits are books 4/9, so I hope they concentrate on that. I also hope they don’t cock it up. It could be amazing with the right Lucifer…

  • To me, it sounds like they floated the idea of continuing the SJA, spent the day checking internet response, and then decided against it.
    Or, as a bit of conspiracy theory, what’s really happening is they will re-format the series by bringing in someone else to star. So technically the SJA won’t continue. And in that, I can see them bringing back Jo Grant since she got a little showcase in the last series.
    Not sure how I’d feel about that……

  • SK

    Okay, you win — I haven’t read Paradise Regained.
    But my favourite bits are the narration — Lucifer’s journey across the void in Book II in particular — so I’m not sure how that will work.
    Still, I’ll be there to see it, for sure.