Random Acts of Ali Larter: Ali launches shoes, ScarJo makes Owen Wilson follow her, Alex Breckenridge goes pink, Amber Heard petitions against marriage and Dog the Bounty Hunter is bailing Nicolas Cage out of jail

Ali at the Pampers launch

So our Ali is up to more charity fun, helping Pampers celebrate its 50th anniversary and giving out care packages to parents as part of the Little Miracles Mission program:

Randomly, though she’s also been off launching a new line of Reebok trainers and giving out beauty tips while she does so.

Josh Duhamel and Ali Larter

Clearly, she’s back in the random business again. But that won’t stop her fellow randomeers, who’ve clearly got a taste for it.

Scarlett Johansson has been jogging with Sean Penn, but making Owen Wilson follow them.

Scarlett Johansson

Amber Heard, who’s normally off campaigning for marriage, has decided to campaign against it now – at least for girls around the world under 15 – and would like you to sign a petition to stop it from happening.

Amber Heard

Her Drive Angry co-star, Nicolas Cage – possibly the most random man in the world – has been in jail for alleged domestic abuse and has now been rescued, randomly enough, by Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Nicolas Cage and Dog the Bounty Hunter

But it’s Alex Breckenridge who’s gone truly, truly random, by deciding to go a little bit pink and not being sure she likes it.

Alex Breckenridge goes pink

Here ends the randomness for the week.