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British TV


  • It’s a pity about Just William, as it was a lot of fun. But a) am not at all surprised it didn’t pick up viewers. It was airing at 12.30 for four days over the Christmas period, when most people with children are tied up doing family stuff (er having lunch for starters)/travelling. We missed all four episodes because one day we were out for lunch, another day we were travelling and the other two days caught up in other stuff. We would have watched it had it been shown at a teatime slot.
    and b) I did really enjoy it. There were lots of laughs, and the grown ups were all overacting like mad. However, they didn’t make the most of Daniel Roache, who makes for a much wilder Ben then he did William. The episode we did catch on a repeat where he meets Violet Elizabeth, though it was faithful to the original in the sense that William & the Outlaws end up
    playing Indians with her, it lost the point completely of how much William HATES Violet Elizabeth, because she’s a girl and because she is a wuss. (There is a girl, tomboy, older, name I forget, who has an adventure with him and they get on splendidly).
    I think part of the problem was this was a programme made by adults who love William who somehow missed the anarchy and mayhem that makes William a character who gloriously characterizes childhood. It was being too clever and adult in my view, and therefore it was a pale shade of the original. Which is a great pity. What’s also a shame is they didn’t use Martin Jarvis’ radio scripts which DO capture the spirit of the books brilliantly. I was lucky enough to have them to use when I had a job editing them into a junior Just William collection Macmillan did ages ago. And they are brilliant. I listened to all the tapes, and they made me howl with laughter. This TV version didn’t.
    I noticed MJ was acknowledged in the credits, and I know from experience he’s a bit precious about his scripts, but I still think he was a better bet then Simon Nye.

  • Just realised have probably repeated myself as think I said most of that after Xmas when I had watched it. Doh. Forgive my addled 40+ brain (-: