Random Acts of Ali Larter: maternity cover by Scarlett Johansson, Minnie Driver and Ryan Gosling

Ali Larter in Hong Kong's Prestige magazine, courtesy of Ali Larter Daily

In a slightly random move to Monday caused primarily by the fact I’ve run out of decent Big Train sketches to show and don’t want to start anything new until next year, it’s Random Acts of Ali Larter. Now Ali is pregnant of course, but despite that, this week managed to unpregnant herself for a picture spread in December’s issue of Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine, which is really both random and amazing of her.

Nevertheless, official random maternity cover has been provided this week by reliably random Scarlett Johansson and the new recruit to randomness Minnie Driver. They’re randomly styling themselves with the Oxfam Collection. Scarlett’s favourite piece in the collection is the goat, because she greatly admires its fierce independence. Sounds a good enough reason to me.

Meanwhile, another new recruit to randomness, Ryan Gosling, is randomly reading out the best bits from the very random Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling. So that’s both random and meta of him.

Have you seen Ali Larter or one of Ali’s sub-contractors acting randomly? If so, let us know and we’ll tell everyone about it in “Random Acts of Ali Larter