Christmas charades with Richard E Grant and Alison Steadman

Alison Steadman charadesRichard E Grant charades

Fancy playing charades with Richard E Grant or Alison Steadman? I know – odd ambition. But if it is your ambition, finally you can make it come true. You can either:

  1. Access Sky Anytime on a Sky+HD box or
  2. you can go to the Sky Movies web site – answer four charades correctly and you’ll get to enter a competition for a year’s Sky subscription.

Have fun, either way!

  • Electric Dragon

    Of course, no-one can surpass the greatest charadist of them all, Lionel Blair. Who can forget him pulling off “All The President’s Men” in under a minute? And his “Raging Bull” rendered even Christopher Biggins speechless.
    (sorry, it’s my last day at work before Christmas and I’m waiting for a server to restart.)