Question of the week: is US TV over-rated?

The Wire

So a few (quite important) Brits have been poking at the US TV industry recently. Ben Stephenson at the BBC recently said that it was a "myth" that US television is better at making drama than its UK counterparts. So far, so almost uncontroversial. The best of British can hold its own at most levels compared with the US, exceed it in some areas, but be inferior in others, IMHO.

But now famed TV writer Jimmy McGovern (Cracker et al) has weighed in, saying that all US TV drama is over-rated.

"I couldn’t get into The Wire and everybody told me it was great. I was watching it and I thought Bugsy Malone – these guys are talking about things, but they never convinced me they had experienced the emotions they were describing. It was never authentic for me at all.

Huh. The Wire – not very good? Not sure I can agree with that. Cracker was good but The Wire good? Nope. And can anyone point to the current British TV shows that match The Wire, Mad Men, In Treatment et al in terms of drama?

But what do you think? Is US TV drama over-rated?

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