Random Acts of Ali Larter: showering a baby

Ali Larter at the Secretariat premiere

Hang on. That should be having a baby shower. But it’s also proof – if any was needed given that she’s turned her birthday, eating carrots, painting walls and signing porcelain Lindt bunnies into charitable acts – that our Ali can make any random aspect of human life a charitable occasion. Because she’s now turned her baby shower into a charity event to raise money and presents for mothers in need through the New York charity Baby Buggy.

As a mother-to-be, I quickly realized how expensive it is to prepare for my new addition. Unfortunately, there are many mothers who cannot afford the necessities such as cribs, clothing and diapers so I’m honored to be able to help mothers through my shower

And did you know she’s pals with Busy Phillips from Freaks and Geeks/Cougar Town and Nicole Sullivan from The King of Queens? That’s pretty random, too.

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