Why there’s no Welsh language release of A Mind To Kill on DVD

A Mind To Kill

A little while ago, I reviewed the DVD release of the first series of Wales’ answer to Taggart, A Mind To Kill, starring Philip Madoc. Well, not only is all the series about to be released on DVD in a single set for the princely sum of £69.99 (that’s 2008 minutes of A Mind To Kill), but the pilot movie is being released as well.

However, despite being shown on S4C and made simultaneously in Welsh and English, the show is only being released in English. So I decided to ask Network DVD why.

Network DVD doesn't think there was a Welsh language version of the pilot

Oh dear.

So I point out that yes, there was.

Don't own the licence

So there you go. As always, it’s a rights problem. S4C: do you want to take it from here?