How to woo Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

I’ve a lot of time for Katherine Heigl. She’s cute, she’s funny, she gives good copy, she’s a feminist – what more could you ask for?

Okay, it makes me feel very old to know that she was Gerard Depardieu’s daughter in My Father: The Hero…

Katherine Heigl in My Father The Hero

…Steven Segal’s daughter in Under Siege 2

Katherine Heigl in Under Siege 2

…and was one of the ‘teens’ in Roswell (here, along with fellow cast members Life Unexpected‘s Shiri Appleby and CSI: Miami‘s Adam Rodriguez. Now I feel even older).

Katherine Heigl, Shiri Appleby and Adam Rodriguez in Roswell

But I can live with that.

All the same, I do wish her rom coms could be a little less predictable. Here’s a little documentary on how to woo Katherine Heigl in one her movies. Notice how it’s all a seamless narrative flow, despite being assembled from clips of Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth – and yes, I have seen all these movies. Don’t ask me why.

  • [das ist gut] Yeah, I hate this trope. It encourages the “oh, you are so cute when you are angry” shit, because movies like these tell people that when a woman is annoyed by a man, it is not sign that maybe he is annoying or that she is annoyed but that they are totally attracted to each other and will kiss in the next scene. So, often disagreement and annoyance are not taken seriously in women, and that really *is* annoying as shit.