What have you been watching this week (w/e September 10)

Him and Her

I’ve just about caught up with my backlog, with only this week’s Dark Blue and the first ep of Hellcats to watch. I’ll be reviewing the first ep of Nikita next week – let’s just say for now that it was pretty dreadful and Maggie Q and trees are made of the same material:

  • Covert Affairs: Very dull this week, but at least Anne Dudek got something to do for a change. Interesting revelation at the end.
  • The Gates: Has gone very dark, which is nice, and at last the werewolves’ secret is out. One of the better shows of the week, but not quite sparkling enough to recommend unreservedly.
  • Him and Her: BBC3 thing with Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani that sees an unemployed 20something couple getting up to not much in their flat. In fact, they never actually leave it and not a lot actually happens – it’s more a comedy of relationship observations. Not laugh out loud funny, but should provoke wry grins from anyone who’s ever lived with someone else; definitely worth tuning in for the next episode at least.
  • Mad Men: About five episodes in and despite the first ep being a bit lacklustre, I’d say this is the best season so far. Very much enjoying it and the pacing’s improved a lot.
  • Persons Unknown: Caught the last two episodes. Wow. That was a complete waste of time, it turned out. I almost liked the ending, but it wasn’t satisfying enough to justify the previous stupidities and since the creators promised there’d be no unanswered questions at the end, I think they need to be sued for breach of contract. Odd to see Robert Picardo turning up as an evil mastermind, complete with That Mitchell and Webb Look evil hair and costume.
  • Scoundrels: It’s finished now, by the looks of it. Didn’t go out with a whimper or a bang – it just sort of stopped. Overall, it was okay, but never really found itself. Hopefully the cast will go on to better things.

But what have you been watching?

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