Community fun and games – outtakes, interviews and more


NBC’s excellent Community is due back on US screens next week (get a move on, UK), and the marketing bandwagon is shifting into gear. Because let’s face it, it’s up against The Big Bang Theory this year so it might not be long for this world (although this is NBC, the home of low-rated but excellent comedy shows, so you never know).

Fortunately, the bandwagon is giving us some clips to enjoy. So fasten your seatbelt and enjoy these marvellous highlights of the first season, Chevy Chase being interviewed by series creator Dan Harmon and some outtakes.

Season 1 Remix

Chevy Chase Outtakes
Community creator Dan Harmon interviews Chevy to gain useful information on the cast as he prepares for Season 2.

Season 1 Outtakes

Season 1 Outtakes – Part 2

Season 1 on DVD