Random Acts of Ali Larter: Envying Mad Men

Ali Larter in Resident Evil Afterlife

Those set interviews from Resident Evil: Afterlife just keep rolling in. Now our Ali’s talking about what movies she’ll be doing next, as well as what TV.

I was just hearing that some scripts were being sent up. For me, it’s like I’ve gotten my dose of this, I’ve gotten to do some great dramatic stuff, especially working on Obsessed, which was an incredible experience for me. Now, maybe a little comedy or, I don’t know. Maybe a love story. Who knows? We’ll see what’s next.

It turns out that as well as having a few doubts about whether/how long she’ll be in Heroes for, she envies Mad Men.

You also see when you go onto cable and they allow the creators to have their vision. You look at Mad Men and he’s like, in every, they don’t come shouting down. There’s not ten studio heads screaming at them, they have to rewrite this or rewrite that or overwrite it to over explain it. For me, we’ll see how long I’m on the show and if I do go into television again, it will be in a situation where, whoever the creator is, has the power to keep their vision clean. And that’s to me what I think the greatest problem is right now on network.

Q: You’re a fan of Mad Men?

Oh, who isn’t? It’s so spectacular and, you know, I’ll laugh with my husband when we watch it after because you just thinking, “Three minutes have gone by and no one’s said anything.” Isn’t that amazing. You get to live and breathe with these characters and as an actor, that’s one of, at least for me, one of the most thrilling things is being able to discover things in the moment and there’s not a lot of room for that in a lot of movies. So, that’s one side of it. Maybe I’ll get to do a little breathing after this.

Look, here’s a trailer for the movie, you lucky people, and you can listen to the interview here.

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