What did you watch on TV last week (w/e March 28)

I’ve given up the ghost on The Bridge and Sons of Tucson. They’re not happening. But I did watch the following on TV last week.

  • Chuck: Bit rubbish actually, although it did have a few good moments, none of which unfortunately were Morgan. Oh, by the way – Buy More DIE DIE DIE.
  • Clash of the Gods: History Channel documentary on (predominantly) the Greek gods that was broadcast in August but which I’ve only just got round to watching. Turned off after 15 minutes because although it was mostly right, turfing out complete kack like “the first idea of Zeus we get in writing comes from Hesiod” is going to make me seriously doubt any factual information the show is trying to impart.
  • House: An enjoyable mystery to solve, but the Taub stuff was where it was at. Interesting to see House developing some kind of conscience.
  • Justified: Nice, but nowhere near as good as the first episode, which given they’re not using an Elmore Leonard short story anymore shouldn’t be too surprising, I guess. Wry, but without the decent character interaction between the goodies that the show started with.
  • Lost: That was pretty groovy. Those were, like, answers. Wow. Most of the episode was in Spanish. Wow. And wasn’t Nestor C just great?
  • Life Unexpected: Yey, Alexandra Breckenridge is back as a regular by the looks of this. For the first half of this, I was thinking, “God, this is some terrible soap opera style writing.” But by the end, everyone’s character trajectories were making me go, “Ah! Isn’t that sweet?” Yes, even Lux and Bug. What I will say though is there’s almost no point analysing this show. It’s just a bunch of characters who go in various directions with no real message to impart other than “being a parent is hard. Being a kid is hard. But everyone just tries to do the best they can.” Loved Baez getting together with Alex B, too – that seems the most balanced set of relationships. It does make me wonder where the show is going to go next, other than to break everything up again.
  • Parenthood: Quite a nice ep for Erika Christensen’s character, but the show is still lacking proper female interaction and indeed seems to have the message that “women only cause problems, even for other women.”
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Has mysteriously turned into an adult programme (in the true sense of the word), albeit it one with a potty mouth and a loving of soft-core sex and hardcore violence (that would be the other sense of adult, then). It’s actually a reasonable show now I’ve suspended my brain.
  • Supernatural: A so-so episode by Supernatural‘s usually high standards. Semi-poignant in places, but lacking real teeth.
  • 24: Well, it’s been cancelled now. Told you they left it too late. All the same, a cracking episode last week, with an episode-long fire fight. Yes, still as dumb as 24 planks, right down to the CTU agents who can’t do what they’re told so mess everything up. But great to see Katee Sackoff’s character finally proving that she hasn’t been a complete waste of our time, and to make it look like there was a reason for her stupidity for the last 12 eps.

But what did you watch?

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