What have you been watching this week (w/e November 20)

So, other than Doctor Who, what have you been watching this week? As per usual, I’ve reviewed most of what I’ve seen, but of the regulars:

  • Community – Very funny and took the show in odd directions. However, last night’s seemed to ignore that direction. Which is odd, but they’ve mixed up episodes before now
  • 30 Rock – Is it bad that the new Canadian guy seemed more interesting than everyone else on the show?
  • Dexter – Ooh, some interesting twists and glad to see Rita having some fun for a change
  • Stargate Universe – Very good and unexpected. I don’t know if there was a magic reset button at the end or not (tonight’s ep will reveal that), but even if it wasn’t, it was a good way to end the ep, crediting the audience with some intelligence. They seem to be going in the direction of “you know all the crap things that can happen when you’re exploring? Well we’re going to show you them all.”
  • The Thick of It – Another good one. The opposition are starting to seem more interesting than the government though.

Still got this week’s CSI, Cougar Town, Modern Family and Supernatural to watch. But I’ve decided I’m never going to watch this series of The Sarah Jane Adventures so I’ve deleted them from my line-up.

The Prisoner
Big almost watch of the week was the AMC/remake The Prisoner. First, a confession – when I was young, I loved the original so much I joined the appreciation society. So I might be biased. But this was excruciatingly dull. It was beautifully shot, but the direction was in no way involving, it was literal when it shouldn’t have been, made sure it rammed home the face that some things might not be real, and was just hopeless in every way. It was also so edited in such a way that whenever there was a moment that needed explaining, they tried to do it with music and a montage – it was like a rock video version of The Prisoner at times.

Episode 2 was a brief uptick, and I did appreciate the little head-nods to the original show (the map, the taxis, Rover, the abbreviated episode titles, the blazer, as well as a few plot elements), but episode 3 got so dull, so soon, I abandoned all hope and gave up. I’ve since found out what the ending was, and I’m very, very glad I gave up, because that sounded rubbish.

What have you been watching though?

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