What have you been watching this week (w/e October 23)

A bit of an odd collection of viewing treats this week:

  • Mad Men – A very nice episode again. Can’t say much without revealing spoilers, but the “I’ve forgotten it” moment was very familiar, and I’m liking what’s going on with Don
  • House – Nothing too extraordinary this week, but good to see the producers sticking by their guns with the format changes
  • Modern Family – a good few titters this week, mostly involving Cameron
  • Community – still the funniest thing on TV by miles now. Lovely wife’s started watching and she’s loving it too
  • Dexter – you could see where it was all going right from the beginning, but still shocking nonetheless
  • Cougar Town – okay. Not great
  • Question Time – ha, ha, ha. What an exciting collection of stupid people and people who can’t construct arguments on both sides. And when did Jack Straw become such a waffler? I haven’t watched in a while, but when did they get rid of audience votes? And when did the audiences get so small (or was that purely for this edition?)
  • Stargate Universe – still liking it. Robert Carlyle’s really good, and they had the whole thing on the ship more or less, so no gating at this point, thank God.
  • Masterchef: The Professionals – I was only watching this out of one eye, since it’s more lovely wife’s choice of viewing. But correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Greg Wallace merely say “Great flavours” to every dish or copy whatever the professional chef judge says? The man might as well be replaced by a giant set of ditto marks.

I really can’t be arsed to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures until David Tennant is on, so I’ve built up a backlog there. It may be Doctor Who, but it’s still a kids’ show. Being Erica we’re lagging on again; ditto, Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’ve given up on The Middle and Trauma.

Don’t forget everyone: Joanna Page is on the Jonathan Ross show tonight.

What have you been watching though?

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