The pick of the new US shows

There’s more to come, but I thought I’d give you all a rundown on what I think are the new US shows that are worth watching right now and which you should be avoiding. I’ve included their Carusometer ratings as proof if I made it as far as the third episode.

For UK viewers, I’ve handily highlighted which ones are going to be showing in the UK and when, if there’s an airdate:

Community (NBC): Review (Carusometer rating: 1)
Modern Family (ABC/Sky 1 – October 15): Review (Carusometer rating: 2)
Cougar Town
(ABC/Living – 2010): Review (Carusometer rating: 2)
The Good Wife (CBS/More4-Channel 4 – 2010): Review (Carusometer rating: 2)
Stargate Universe (SciFi/Sky 1 – already airing): Review (Carusometer rating: to come)

Haven’t made up my mind
Trauma (NBC): Review (Carusometer rating: to come)
The Middle (ABC): Review (Carusometer rating: to come)

Brothers (Fox): Review
The Vampire Diaries (The CW/ITV2 – 2010): Review
Bored to Death (HBO): Review (Carusometer rating: 3)
The Forgotten (ABC): Review
Accidentally on Purpose (CBS/E4 – 2010): Review  
Eastwick (ABC/SciFi – 2009/2010): Review  
FlashForward (ABC/Five – already airing): Review (Carusometer rating: 3)
Mercy (NBC): Review  
Hank (ABC): Review