Bastard the PVR continues to live up to his name

The hardware may have changed, but Bastard, my PVR, continues to be a bastard.

And it all looked so different a couple of weeks, when I discovered he could now record two things at once. Cracking! No more worrying about scheduling conflicts, no more worrying that the end of episode one is going to get recorded on the beginning of episode two if there’s an over-run.


Except I updated him to version 3.1.1 of his EyeTV software, which worked fine in most regards, except with exports. Suddenly, little Bastard didn’t like to export programs with their soundtracks intact. I didn’t realise this until about a week later, by which time I’d deleted the originals.


So I downgraded back to 3.1, using Elgato’s preferred method. Except I didn’t restart my computer since they didn’t ask me to. Now Bastard won’t start recording unless EyeTV is already running. The problem went away after a restart, but not before it had failed to record one programme: American Outlaws, starring Ali Larter.