For Toby: the mysterious disappearing Ali Larter in the Heroes Superbowl commercial

Where's Ali this week?

I wasn’t going to do this (honest) but since Toby has tried to spot Ali Larter in the Heroes Superbowl commercial and can’t – because she’s been edited out – let’s play a game of Spot the Larter then. First, count the number of Heroes in the huddle at the start of the promo:

Heroes Huddle

Six blokes, right? Now, let’s have a look at the break after their huddle:

Heroes + Ali

Six blokes and… oh wait, who’s that on the left? Then they head off to play. Six blokes again:

Heroes of the Superbowl

Then there’s a line up: again, who’s that on the far end?*


They play, Peter throws long and who’s that in the middle of the field, waiting to catch?

Tracy goes long

But someone else gets there first:

Heroes interception

Here’s the behind the scenes interview to show she was there for the filming and you can see some some of the footage she shot for the ad, And here’s the ad so you can watch for yourself. Sigh. People are going to think I’m obsessed… Curse you Tobes.

*PS Can you tell I have no idea about American football or am I bluffing well?

UPDATE: In case you weren’t convinced by that line-up pic, here are two official promo pictures supplied by NBC – look to the top left:

NBC Superbowl pic

And in the middle at the top:

Another NBC Superbowl pic