Thursday’s “slightly sarcastic” news

Doctor Who

  • No. Not Matthew Horne. A woman. Or even an ‘ethnic doctor’ (instead of an ‘ethnic actor’ presumably). Oh the shock. I think I’m going to have a touch of the vapours
  • Although Dervla Kirwan (who’d know of course) reckons there’s a shortlist of six actors for the part including Martin Clunes



  • Lucy Davies is the new producer of the National Theatre of Wales

British TV


  • Trailer for future Smallville episodes
  • Watch The Flight of the Conchords season two premiere [US only, because only the US counts of course. Screw New Zealand who’d have no interest]
  • 24‘s James Badge Dale to star in AMC’s new political thriller
  • ABC greenlights An American Family
  • HBO greenlights Hung. What a surprise
  • Life on Mars, 24 and Dollhouse production budgets being cut