General thoughts about and weirdnesses of last week’s television

As mentioned in my asides, I didn’t have much time for blogging last week. Sorry about that. But here’s a round-up of a few of my TV thoughts:

Pretty rubbish. Couldn’t even be bothered to watch episode two. Interestingly, probably the only instance of a TV show adapted from the novelisation of an older TV show, and there was the name-switch of a couple of characters to fake out the seven people who could remember the original series/novel and who lived/died.

But still very tedious, with no really interesting characters and no real sense of disaster or tragedy. “Oh my God, I’ve had to burn the body of my dead husband. Right, anyone for chips?”

To a certain extent, the problem is with the format, since although it’s got a great starting point – almost everyone in the world dies so how will the survivors manage to eke out an existence? – invariably it descends into decisions about crop rotation, government structures and population stabilisation systems that somehow manage to avoid discussing or depicting sex since it’s mainstream BBC.

But the original series still managed to make the characters interesting so clearly not everything can be blamed on Terry Nation.

Knight Rider
We’ve stopped watching it. It really is very, very bad.

Odd BBC2 links
We were watching Top Gear yesterday when up pops a trailer for Louis Theroux’s programme following the police in Philadelphia. Two things:

  1. Theroux needs a different act if he’s going to do serious journalism. To policeman: “What would have happened if he’d drawn that gun?” “He’d have been shot.” “Who by?” Erm… Are you mental?
  2. The BBC2 announcer then said “It’s just like an episode of The Wire“. So now we’re trailing BBC2 programmes with references to a show that’s only on FX and gets about 36,000 viewers. That’s a bit niche, isn’t it?

24: Redemption
God. Hasn’t television moved on since the last series of
24. That felt ridiculously antediluvian. Can 24 only thrive when there’s a Republican presidency – discuss?

Getting bored now, mainly because Ali Larter isn’t in it enough, but also because of all the ridiculous personality switches, the fact there are so few characters who act like grown-ups, general inconsistencies, lack of logic, etc. Sigh. Roll on volume four (hopefully) although some of the spoilers I’ve heard don’t fill me with much enthusiasm. How would you fix the show?

Told you you have to wait for a while to see if it gets good. Always around the seven or eighth episode.

The Unit
Why aren’t more people watching it? It’s brilliant.

The IT Crowd
Thank God it’s back. Officially the only comedy show in which Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade have ever appeared in that’s funny. Katherine Parkinson’s great – and a redhead again. Yey! And that magician was great. If only were a real site…

Is all good television banned on Thanksgiving in the US?


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