Third-episode verdict: Sanctuary

I’m not even going to bother with a Carusometer for this one. It started off a bit dull, despite having Emilie Ullerup in it, and by the time I got to episode four (since episode one was a two-parter), I couldn’t even bother reaching the end of the episode.

It’s just not very interesting. Nothing remarkable about it at all. Oh well.

  • As I don’t think you’ll get any comments on this one (nor does it really deserve any), I’ll drop this here.
    “Yesterday’s celebrity spot was Gok Wan, in Boots at Waterloo Station.”
    Quoting from ‘Doonesbury’: “Sounds like a creature from ‘Dune’.”

  • MediumRob

    He’s our equivalent to Carlson Kressley (who’s actually doing a US version of Gok’s show How To Look Good Naked already, I hear). You will probably found out who he is next year after his attempt to invade the US.

  • kaballa

    Bucking the trend, I thought I’d at least comment to agree with the review. Sanctuary’s disappointed me in the way Torchwood disappointed me – on paper it’s a talented production team, interesting enough idea, good production values & decent actors, yet it’s failed to be anything other than mediocre.
    Everything about it seems a lazy (or over-anxious) imitation of successful characters or situations in other shows. Mind you, the US audience seems to have taken to ‘Fringe’, and that feels week in week out like a bland & inferior retread of any number of previous cult tv shows.

  • I’d say as far as ‘Fringe’ goes, I stick with it for the character of Dr. Bishop. And Astrid’s cute too. (And I keep hoping Jean will get a storyline. LOL!)
    But I agree with the rest of your post, Kaballa.

  • MediumRob

    Not bucking the trend, I’ll agree with everyone, including Toby. The only good things about Fringe are: the script, when it’s written by JJ Abrams or the other execs; Dr Bishop. Otherwise, it’s dull.
    Forgot to mention, BTW, that at least Sanctuary’s fights are relatively good.