Today’s Joanna Page: What the Butler Saw

What the Butler Saw

Today’s Joanna Page is What the Butler Saw, the last play of Joe Orton, which our Joanna appeared in in 2005. And which I didn’t see, of course, so can’t tell you if it was any good, but here’s a review from The Stage. At some point, I’ll get on to watching some more of JP’s movies and do some proper reviews, but work’s a bit busy at the moment.

In What the Butler Saw, Dr Prentice, a psychiatrist, attempts to seduce his prospective secretary, Geraldine Barclay (JP). But his wife is being seduced and blackmailed by Nicholas Beckett. She therefore promises Nicholas the post as secretary, which adds further confusion, including Nicholas and Geraldine dressing as the opposite sex. Dr Prentice’s clinic is then faced by a government inspection. The inspection, led by Dr Rance, reveals the chaos in the clinic.

As you might have guessed, it’s a farce.

The pic above is just about the only pic of JP from the production that I could find (any others gratefully received). So as a special treat, here’s a truly delightful picture of two Ali Larters in Heroes to round it all off nicely.

Ali Larter in Heroes