Series finale: Lost in Austen 1×4

Lost in Austen

Not so much a review proper, as a few random thoughts about the series as a whole. Join me after the jump to avoid spoiling those who haven’t watched it yet (although the pic’s a bit of a spoiler and a half, I grant you, but I couldn’t resist).

Not bad was it, once it settled down towards the end? The first episode was slightly all over the place, but hugely enjoyable all the same. Episode two started off dreadfully, but righted itself for the second half. Episode three was actually very interesting, since they started changing the book properly and injected a bit of backbone into the proceedings. Episode four was exciting, unbelievably enough.

Series highlights?

  • Jemima Rooper, who was very good throughout
  • Catching up with Lizzie in the future
  • Darcy’s post-modern moment
  • Amanda’s lack of maidenhood preventing her from marrying Darcy
  • The revelation that our first impressions (Ho, ho. A great big shout out to the Austen lovers out there) of Wickham from the book were in error and that he could be quite a decent bloke
  • Catherine Bingley’s Sapphic secret
  • The near-restoration of the book’s pairings and destinies, but altered by 2008’s more liberal tendencies
  • The fact that Lizzie isn’t shown as a second class citizen in comparison to our new heroine and that she and Darcy could have made a go of it, if only she’d been the one caught up in the plot instead of Amanda
  • The enbravening of Mrs Bennet and Jane Bennet

On the whole, rather a lovely, smart rom-com with additional period flourishes. The ending was slightly less than satisfying and Darcy really was a twonk and a half, but it feels like they’ve left it open for a sequel. Fingers crossed hey?

  • Anonymous

    I was assuming this was a 6 part series and so hadn’t even realised that this was the last episode: even when it finished I wasn’t entirely sure, tbh.
    For a start I assumed there was more plot to come – I actually thought the episode was going to end with Lizzie not being able to open the door in the bathroom.
    Which is also the point at which the whole thing fell apart as it rushed towards the ending in the manner of a US show cancelled mid-season and having to wrap in 2 and not 12 episodes.
    Shame, because it’s been excellent up to the point they went back to the present day.

  • Oops – forgot to log in there…

  • Yes think I’d agree with all that. But I’d add, I didn’t think Darcy was such a twonker by the end – and at least he did follow her to London. The boyf was more useless surely? I also loved the way Darcy was such a disappointment not just to Amanda but to us (ok we girlies maybe) – but by the end I did like him. Thought it was hilarious the way she said are you making a joke? and he said, It won’t happen again.
    I also thought the subversion of Mr Wickham was masterly, and the Bingley/Jane thread was fabulous.
    Also loved Mr Collins’ brothers and my favourite scene of all was Mr Bennett and Mr Bingley fighting with the poker.
    Hurrah hurrah for getting to see Elizabeth in Hammersmith, complete with macrobiotic diet. I was so afraid they wouldn’t do that.
    I loved the ending unashamed romantic that I am, but blimey, is she REALLY going to be able to hack it as Mrs Darcy???
    I hope we get series two as well.
    Oh and if you liked the Caroline Bingley thing, have you ever read that very rude Austen spoof, whose name I forget but had among other things, Jane losing Bingley after Caroline seduces her and decides she’s not fit to marry him, and Mary and Henry Crawley as incestuous lovers. Very very naughty. But very very very funny.

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