Giles Coren and Hitler

You might have heard of Giles Coren. He’s primarily a restaurant critic for The Times, but he’s done a few TV programmes now: he was on the first series of The F-Word, had a film review show on Five and does those historical Supersize Mes for BBC Four. 

In the world of journalism, though, he’s now best known for a series of abusive emails he’s sent to various sub-editors who have edited his work, as well as to a fellow critic. How we’ve all laughed at Giles’ outbursts – some have sided with him, wishing they’d written the emails themselves, while others have called him bad names and said he’s a rubbish writer who needs editing anyway.

I mention this all because of an exciting new trend. Remember the Torchwood/Hitler crossover video (which you can now find over here)? Well, now someone’s done it to Giles Coren, too (it’ll have helped to have read his emails first):

Coren’s response:

‘I’m fluent in German, so watching it with subtitles is not quite as funny for me as for everybody else. There was a time when an Englishman could speak fluent French and German, but I suppose the YouTube generation spends its time doing this instead. It would be funny for me if it was in Russian.’ But he went on to concede that he ‘laughed a lot’ at the video.

I think that tells you everything you need to know about him.