Thursday’s eloquent Hobbit news

Doctor Who


  • Stephen Fry joins The Hobbit
  • Ian McKellen, Judi Dench and Gillian Anderson to star in The Buxom Strumpet
  • Plans for Thor 2 to come out at the same time as Iron Man 3 [minor spoilers]

British TV


  • I think I may have said this before, but is there anyone left who isn’t going to be in the Hobbit? I swear Peter Jackson must be writing in new dwarves(-:

  • How does ‘Whicher’ get another series? (a) it was a one-off drama (b) are they going to use other cases of the detective? (c) or are they just using that [admittedly good character] to investigate generic period crimes???

  • Agreed about Mr Whicher – tho didn’t he in real life go on to be a private detective? I’m pretty sure he’s the detective Wilkie Collins used as a model for the Moonstone & Dickens did as well apparently. Weirdly though I was fascinated by the story, I found the book rather leaden & I enjoyed the TV version more.