Your nominations for the British Dharma (or Greg)?

As you may recall from yesterday’s news, ITV is going to remake US sitcom Dharma & Greg. In case you never watched it, it was about a straight-laced lawyer with rich parents, and a happy-go-lucky yoga instructor with hippies for parents who meet, marry on their first date then try to forge a life together.

Now clearly it would be hard to do a direct translation of the show: there aren’t that many hippies left in Britain for starters. So they’re going to have to do some script work.

So today’s memic questions are: how do you think they’re going to convert it to a British sit-com? Why have they chosen Dharma & Greg to convert? And since ultimately Dharma (as played by the highly kooky Jenna Elfman) was the star of the US sitcom, not Greg, who do you think will be – or should be – the British Dharma?

Over to you my friends, although I feel all the questions can be answered quickly and easily if you remember ITV are doing this – and the Beeb still haven’t confirmed for a third series of Gavin & Stacey

PS Please remember that all my conspiracy theories are always wrong.

Here’s the start of the first episode, just as an aide memoire: