Review: Primeval – Shadow of the Jaguar

Primeval: Shadow of the Jaguar

Pay close attention, gentle reader. At the end of this, there’s going to be a competition – a first for this ‘ere blog – in which you’re going to be able to win an actual real thing that you can own and that will arrive through the post, rather than through a Superpoke on Facebook.

But first, a question. Who do you think a novel based on Primeval would be aimed at? I ask this because I have a copy of the first in Titan’s new range of Primeval novels and I’m slightly curious as to the thinking process behind it.

Primeval is something of a family show, going out on Saturdays, nice ‘n’ early in the evening. Yet, Shadow of the Jaguar is definitely not something you should be giving to the kiddies.

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Saturday Night Fry

Saturday Night Fry

I find it hard to express my extreme joy at discovering you can download all of Stephen Fry’s magnificent late 80s radio seriesSaturday Night Fry, from this web site here. Instead, I thought I’d just write this blog post to let you know of my discovery.

If you’ve never heard the series, head there right now to download and listen to these works of comedy genius. If you have, you’ve already stopped reading and have left the site to download the episodes so you can listen to them again.

Probably no point my typing any more then.

Review: Gavin and Stacey – Series 1

WARNING: If you are married to a blonde woman from South Wales who’s lived in London for a while and has lost her accent and started talking like an English person, you might find that after exposing her to this DVD for two or more episodes, she exhibits certain behaviours. Her accent might return; she might start saying "lush", "by here" instead of "here" or "whereto" instead of "where"; and she might start calling you with "Oh! Rob!" These effects can last anything up to three days or more, during which SHE WILL BE UNAWARE SHE IS DOING ANY OF THIS. It’ll be very endearing though.

Gavin And Stacey

The thing about award-winning comedy shows is that no one’s going to watch them if you stick them on a network primarily devoted to Two Pints of Lager and shows like Can Fat Teens Hunt?.

Had we known there was a show called Gavin and Stacey in which a blonde woman from South Wales meets, falls in love with and marries a dark-haired guy from SE England, we’d have watched every single episode and repeat from the very first moment – it’ll be the closest we get to a biopic on Hallmark. Instead, it’s not until the second series (which is brilliant) that we found out about it. Heaven knows how those awards people came across it.

Although BBC3 will no doubt be repeating the first series again approximately five times a day (seven times a day if it wins any more awards) once the second series finishes, we decided – as might you, gentle reader – to give that first series a go by buying it on DVD. If you are considering it, here’s a handily timed reviewed to help you decide whether to spend your hard-earned money or not. Although it’s only £8 on Amazon – bar-gain!

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David Tennant's getting married in the morning

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