Review: Doctor Who – 3×14 – Time Crash

Time Crash

So what are you all thinking about Time Crash, the sort-of, maybe official fifth and tenth Doctor meet-up on Children in Need? It was a bit short to warrant a full review and it would be a tad odd to do a full review anyway, but I liked it – with a couple of reservations.

On the one hand, it was rather a touching love letter from Steven Moffat (and David Tennant) to the Peter Davison era of Doctor Who. It was also rather lovely to get probably the only Doctors meet-up we’ll ever get from the RTD era of new Who.

On the other, it was a tad Blinkish in its “the future creates the past” plot and it was perhaps a little too super-textual, with all that love implausibly coming out of the Doctor’s mouth directly from Moffat.

All the same, good fun, very likeable and I’ll probably re-watch it a couple of times in the immediate future. Plus it was for charity so let’s not quibble too much.

What did everyone else think though? I know Anna liked it, but everyone else has been silent (post links to your blog below if you haven’t been silent and I’ve lazily/blindly missed your comments elsewhere).

Incidentally, my wife, on the strength of this and implausibly enough Learners (which SHE WATCHED WITHOUT ME), has decided she’s falling in love with David Tennant and would quite like him to move in with us. Him and Peter Jones from Dragons’ Den.

I’ve put my foot down and said no.

In case you missed it, here it is on YouTube.