Review: Doctor Who – 3×14 – Time Crash

Time Crash

So what are you all thinking about Time Crash, the sort-of, maybe official fifth and tenth Doctor meet-up on Children in Need? It was a bit short to warrant a full review and it would be a tad odd to do a full review anyway, but I liked it – with a couple of reservations.

On the one hand, it was rather a touching love letter from Steven Moffat (and David Tennant) to the Peter Davison era of Doctor Who. It was also rather lovely to get probably the only Doctors meet-up we’ll ever get from the RTD era of new Who.

On the other, it was a tad Blinkish in its “the future creates the past” plot and it was perhaps a little too super-textual, with all that love implausibly coming out of the Doctor’s mouth directly from Moffat.

All the same, good fun, very likeable and I’ll probably re-watch it a couple of times in the immediate future. Plus it was for charity so let’s not quibble too much.

What did everyone else think though? I know Anna liked it, but everyone else has been silent (post links to your blog below if you haven’t been silent and I’ve lazily/blindly missed your comments elsewhere).

Incidentally, my wife, on the strength of this and implausibly enough Learners (which SHE WATCHED WITHOUT ME), has decided she’s falling in love with David Tennant and would quite like him to move in with us. Him and Peter Jones from Dragons’ Den.

I’ve put my foot down and said no.

In case you missed it, here it is on YouTube.

    So I bought into it completely. I liked especially the explanation as to why previous incarnations of the Doctor always look older when meeting up with the present version. There’s hope yet then for Tom to come back! (Still would hope he had to wear a shaggy wig though, rather than that look he sported in Dimensions In Time.)
    At least Tennant as Ten qualified his statement as to why Five was his Doctor, because he emulated many of his precedent’s traits. But otherwise I wasn’t keen on that little goodbye line.
    Still not sure if all of that technobabble actually made sense or not. I guess I’d actually have to read it. But maybe the AMPTP should kidnap Moffatt and bring him to America to write Trek technobabble. (Hell, we’ve got all of your actors already anyway!)
    Now if only I could find the ‘Hotel Babylon’/Sybil Fawlty bit online……

  • OK, I have posted!

  • There now. Doesn’t that feel better?

  • I know. It was unnatural.

  • Yeah, I did kind of adore it… *but* I have to agree that the ‘You were my Doctor’ line seemed totally odd. I just thought ‘no you weren’t. Tom Baker was. You were *Moffat’s* Doctor, maybe….’ But I didn’t care. The fact is that no current Doctor Who writer except Moffat and RTD could write a sketch set entirely in the TARDIS with no time for any sort of plot and make it THAT entertaining.
    (Moffat does need to stop referencing his own episodes – and pretty much *solely* his own episodes – though….)

  • Your wife: smart woman* (we’ll forgive her the Dragon’s Den love) and send her a welcome-to-our-DT-loving-gang hug from Me, Anna, Marie… etc etc
    *After all, she married you! (Decides flattery of bloghost never hurts…)

  • Mark H Wilkinson

    ‘Twas a pleasantly amusing few minutes. Can’t really ask for more than that, can you, (even if Moffat laid on the hero worship a bit thick)?

    Although my blog post on Time Crash is almost shorter than the URL…well there’s not a great deal beyond ‘that was good’ (or not) you can say about 7 minutes of telly, is there?

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