Tuesday’s news

Ooh. No train to catch today. Time for some leisurely news.


  • Talks are on for Constantine 2. Why?
  • Gerard Butler is to be Snake Plissken in an Escape from New York remake. Maybe.
  • Watchmen stuff


  • Oh goody. Another Coke Zero ad, this one with Wayne Rooney. Sounds better than the last one, though. [free registration required]

Theatre/Doctor Who

British TV


  • Which shows are doomed and which shows are coming back next season
  • An interview with Malcolm McDowell about his appearance in Heroes
  • A great big blow-by-blow account of a crucial scene in the next episode of Heroes
  • Spoilers from Kristin, including an unexpected promotion to series regular for one Heroes character next season; some deceased Lost characters are back in flashbacks; plus Ugly Betty stuff.
  • Life on Mars has been pushed back, because they’re having trouble finding a lead.
  • Moves are afoot to cut back on the Law & Order franchises
  • Eliza Dushku comes back to Fox for a soapy drama about nurses
  • Christina Applegate, Jean Smart and Amy Brenneman get pilots. Plus Melanie Griffiths gets a recurring role in Viva Laughlin!
  • So Rob Morrow, Fisher Stevens and Chad Lowe go skiing. And they get lost. It’s not a joke, but it is funny.