Thursday’s “never could get the hang of Thursdays” news


On this particular Thursday, something was moving quietly through the blogosphere…

Doctor Who

  • Michelle Collins has been cast in a/the Chris Chibnall episode. No doubt she’ll be with evil Ian Beale in his extinct undersea volcano base.



British TV


  • Heroes: This season will end on a cliffhanger of sorts.
  • Lost: spoilers aplenty on this weeks’s official vidcast. Make sure you get the one marked “LOST: Season 3, Video Podcast 7”
  • So much pilot casting: Jordana Brewster is to get the Angelina Jolie role in the Mr and Mrs Smith pilot; Jason O’Mara is probably going to play Philip Marlowe in another pilot, while Ted Danson and Glenn Clone are to appear in an FX legal thriller
  • Season three of Airwolf – that’s the sh*t one that’s not quite as sh*t as the one the Canadians made – is coming to DVD in May. Watch as the war helicopter helps disabled kids!