The Singles Table: am I looking forward to it any more?

Alicia Silverstone

Remember a while ago I previewed The Singles Table, one of NBC’s mid-season replacement comedies? I watched the pilot episode, it was rather funny and I was looking forward to it.

Now I’m not so sure I am. This news is a bit old, but I’ve only just found out that Alicia Silverstone is replacing one of the original The Singles Table cast members.

Dear God, why? There wasn’t anything wrong with the show, and the small indie feel to it has just been swamped by the Silverstone’s presence. Now, instead of an even-handed four-way comedy, we have an Alicia Silverstone vehicle with three other cast members.

Still, let’s not prejudge. We should try to remain optimistic. Recasting isn’t always bad. Jane Krakowski wasn’t in the original 30 Rock pilot but is working out just fine. Rules of Engagement was so bad, even the addition of David Spade to the cast list can only improve it when it finally emerges onto our screens.

So, it might still be good. I liked Silverstone in Clueless and the woman she’s replacing wasn’t the most charismatic of actresses (Pascale Hutton). I’m just not sure I’m looking forward to it any more. Anyone psyched by the news?