Preview: The Singles Table

The Singles Table

In the US: NBC mid-season show.

In the UK: Not yet acquired

Weddings are crap times to be single. With no partner, you’ll probably end up on Table 18 – The Singles Table. And that’s the entrance point for probably the funniest of the various sit-com previews that I’ve seen so far.

The Singles Table is much like The Class, which I’ve already reviewed. There’s a thin pretext for a group of strangers (or near strangers) to meet. They meet and decide to carry on meeting each other. Cue series.

The difference between The Class and The Singles Table is that the former relies far more on standard sitcom characters, broad brush strokes, etc. It’s funny, but it’s still a trad sitcom.

The Singles Table is far more new wave. It’s not filmed in a studio. It’s more about character than about gags, although it’s replete with witty dialogue. It’s more comedy than sit-com.

Acting is good. Writing is good. Characters enjoyable. I can’t really think of much to say except that it really was funny and I liked it! Here’s a link to the video preview on the NBC web site. See what you think of it for yourself.

UPDATE: NBC have made it really hard to link to the preview video, but you can now find it in their main preview viewer.