Teaching an old blog new tricks

Woo hoo, I’m back. Let there be feasting and a national day of celebration. Or a collective rolling of eyes at the very least.

Subscribe by emailThere are a couple of new things for the blog that I just thought I’d draw your attention to. First, you can now get blog updates by email. Each day, between 5pm and 7pm UK time, you’ll get sent all the new posts of the day in a beautifully formatted email. It won’t be the full post, necessarily, just the bit you’d see on the front page, but it’s quite nice and saves you from having to remember to come to the blog.

You can sign up for it here or over in the sidebar. There’s a similar email for the day’s comments, too.

Second new thing is “threaded comments”. Now you can indicate you’re replying to a previous comment by clicking on a reply link next to the comment. When the comment appears, it’ll have a link to the original comment, so everyone can see who you were talking back to.

It seems to work, anyway, although I haven’t implemented it on the preview page yet. Use it, don’t use it, the choice is yours. It just seemed nice to me, even if does slightly upset the formatting at the moment.

Threaded comments