While I was gone…

…the following exciting things happened:

  • Happy Hour and Eamonn Holmes’ game show The Rich List appear to have been cancelled. It’s not official yet, though. That’s mighty impressive for our Eamonn, since Fox only aired The Rich List once.
  • 20 Good Years has also been shot in the head and buried in the back garden where, hopefully, the neighbours won’t find it. Surprisingly, for a show clearly intended for the over-60s market, the reason for its execution was lack of success in the 18-49 demographic.
  • The wonderful Dexter has been picked up for a second season. Yey!
  • Studio 60 has been picked up for a full season. Half a yey: it’s getting better, but it’s still not there yet, as far as I’m concerned. Find some more targets to be funny about except Christians, Aaron Sorkin. When even the characters start complaining that the show’s sole target for satire is Christianity, you know you need to start thinking about other things to avoid becoming a one-note show.
  • John Corbett is to appear in a US version of the Beeb’s Manchild. That appears to be a slight format change, since the original, which starred Nigel Havers, Anthony Head, Don Warrington and Ray Burdis, was about men in their 50s.
  • David Tennant is ‘cagey’ about whether he’ll commit to another series of Doctor Who after the next one.
  • British actress Lena Headey is to play Sarah Connor in Terminator spin-off series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Really, you just can’t move for Brits in US shows these days.
  • Men in Trees has been picked up for a whole season and given Six Degrees’ time slot. I knew I should have waited till the fifth episode before dropping it. Damn. The latter show isn’t coming back till January at the earliest. Seeing as I stopped watching it in the middle of the last episode, thanks to near-terminal boredom, that’s not too upsetting.
  • Jericho is to emulate Lost and take a 12-week hiatus before returning in February. The aim is to avoid re-runs, which can spell death in the ratings for serialised dramas.
  • The Nine, which I said from the beginning was rubbish but no-one else seemed to believe me, is getting duller by the week and looks like it’s not long for this world.
  • NBC is to remake The IT Crowd.
  • Martin Scorsese is to make television shows. Maybe.

It’s all go when I’m away, isn’t it?